Very rarely, parasites penetrate the human skin. In such cases, the patient has itching and inflammation in the affected area.

If the worms migrate through the body and settle in the lungs, then the person has shortness of breath, coughing fits, bronchospasm. Any localization of a parasitic focus leads to a sharp suppression of the function of the immune system.

According to recent studies, the larvae of parasites are able to enter the victim's body by contact through contaminated household and personal items. Also, scientists do not exclude the transmission path of transmission of helminths through insect bites, in particular, mosquitoes, biting midges.



To suspect an abbreviation in a patient, the doctor can use the data of the anamnesis of the disease and the complaints of a sick person. To confirm the diagnosis todaynya use a number of clinical and laboratory tests:


a general blood test (eosinophilia, an increase in SHEE and the number of leukocytes are determined); examination of feces for the presence of helminth eggs; ultrasound examination of internal organs; magnetic resonance therapy.